About Jolt.NET Libraries

Inspired by the Boost C++ libraries, Jolt.NET aims to complement the .NET Base Class Library (BCL) with algorithms, data structures, and general productivity tools. It is the hope of the authors that the features of Jolt.NET will one day be part of, or represented in the BCL and the .NET Framework.

Back from Inactivity

It has been almost one year since I started Jolt.NET and I've finally have been able to put some time aside to resuming work on the first release. I was hoping to have this release completed much sooner, but I've gone through some big life-changes that have kept me away from the code. Given this long period of inactivity, I thought it best to start a blog so readers can keep current on what is being developed, fixed, etc...

The story so far:

I've been working on and off on in the testing library, refactoring the classes that deal with proxy and interface creation. The library must support creation of generic types and methods, and the currently available architecture won't easily support the necessary extension.

The refactoring is complete and the next check-in will enable me to start to work on support for generic types and methods; I'm banking on this refactoring to make the upcoming implementation very straight-forward. Currently, I need to run some ad-hoc tests and make sure that I didn't break anything fundamental in the code-generation process, but the unit tests are giving me high confidence that the program still functions as expected.