About Jolt.NET Libraries

Inspired by the Boost C++ libraries, Jolt.NET aims to complement the .NET Base Class Library (BCL) with algorithms, data structures, and general productivity tools. It is the hope of the authors that the features of Jolt.NET will one day be part of, or represented in the BCL and the .NET Framework.

Jolt.NET 0.2 Release

Good day!

This morning, I committed source revision #18896 containing the final feature work for the Jolt.NET 0.2 release.  This work was completed last week, but I didn't get a chance to upload the changes as I was in a rush to catch a flight for a trip.  During my travels, I had little time to access the internet and prepare the release documentation, so I had to wait until my return home.  Sorry for the delay!

Jolt.NET 0.2 contains the following new features:

There are also some other maintenance-related changes included in the release, all of which can be viewed on the work item page.  Please visit the release page for download options.

Tomorrow, I will be creating the initial set of work items for the Jolt.NET 0.3 release, most of which were discussed in my previous post.